WINTERMORE » an afterlife games roleplay


There is a hotel that has interchangeable corridors and there are eleven stories.

Ten people (who have died and are now “in the afterlife games” must enter each door and find “memory fragments” (for lack of a better name atm) and they must collect all of their memories to move up a storey.

On the first floor, there are 100 rooms, and each room has a different holographic world inside. Imagine star trek’s “holodeck” or whatever they called it, and now imagine that in the room.

The game makers (three of them, each a god, judging the ‘player’) randomly create worlds and scenarios and ‘characters’ for these players to act in.

For example, room number 1: player three enters the room and they suddenly find themself as a person of royalty. they must find their memory fragments (each memory fragment stone has every player’s memory in it, but once they touch it, they only collect their memory, then they can leave)

As I said, once they find the memory fragment, they can leave. The memory fragment will not move or change at all, it remains the same until every player has collected theirs.

Each player has no recollection of who they are, where they are, or anything. They are completely blank except for basic functions such as speech, motor, and their senses. Their accent/language remains the same, as that is the only speech they know of. (so for example a german player can only speak german)

Though they can only speak their language, it automatically translates into a universal language called ___ (i am not sure yet) and when interacting with other players, they are able to understand the other.

UM yes so the second floor has 9 rooms, the third has 8, so on so on.

BASICALLY the world of the living is watching the afterlife games of wintermore and they are basically playing a “lets vote in our choice to who dies this round and then have a good laugh or cry about it” etc

So once ..random player, PLAYER THREE… has collected all their memory fragments from each room on that floor (so all 10, 9, 8, etc), then they can go to the inbetwixt, which is the elevator to the next floor.

They wait there inside it until each player is finished collecting their memory fragments, depending on if one is dead or not. (chosen by the audience and the judges ultimately)

SO ………………

while waiting in the inbetwixt elevator, they just wait inside it with music of their choice (their favourite song will come on and seem to last forever and ever until they can move on)



once the audience and judges have chosen who is to “die” and (go to the underworld/hell/etc) then that person gets killed in the inbetwixt

this judging period happens when all are in the inbetwixt.


um yeah so basically that is the plot!

The roleplay would work like this:

the two players (roleplayers) get to choose a setting, a story, etc, etc, for their room that they are in (to interact with) and then they can find ONE MEMORY FRAGMENT per room that they enter.

so for example player three (lets say the RPer name is jasmine) and player ten (sarah) manage to find each other in the hotel by chance, and they both decide to enter room 8.

when they enter room eight, they find themselves in a random situation FOR EXAMPLE a prince and a pauper etc etc


THE WORLD OUTSIDE OF THE HOTEL IS A DYSTOPIA WHERE EVERYONE is backwards so women aren’t slut shamed, men are, women run government and it is a complete totalitarianist government and the three main leaders annoint themselves goddesses

everything and everyone is accepted no matter what, because nobody gives a complete shit

food is just a tablet you eat in the morning and it makes you feel full and gives u nutrients u///A///u


also there are “patches” of happy and you can buy them if you trade in something really valuable (so a glass cup for example, since it is completely communist and everyone just trades everything instead of having money)



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